my awkwardly productive spring break

Published on 20 Mar 2017

I spent more time wondering why I was not productive rather than actually being productive. And perhaps the best way to be productive is not to start an argument on social media. Don’t argue on the internet because you tend to be wrong. And by being wrong, you could become famous. Thus, being wrong on the internet could be desirable for some because they could be famous.

But I did start an argument on social media.

Almost every year Malaysian students local and abroad argue that how wasteful it is sending students to study abroad and how such argument is also not true in every situation. I took a side in favor of reducing the number of scholarship recipients because of several reasons that I will discuss in the future (hopefully).

There were instances that I was corrected, but mostly not on the facts. I had been constructively criticized on the way I wrote it. It is smidgen bit hard to read and I cast my net too wide. I did so because it is a controversial and contentious topic, and the way not to being wrong on the internet is to ration access: write it in English, and write it in a style that not all can comprehend it well. Those who are struggling most likely would ignore it, and those who are struggling would be likely to provide non-constructive (perhaps, disruptive?) comments.

Sounds like I achieved something, right?


It cost me two writing assignments (two 15-pages essay to be precise), a graduate school application (still lots of time here, so no worries), and reading some economic theories for an exam that is coming soon.

I am rationing access to my thoughts, ideas, and opinions by writing here on Caspershire Meta so that no one could comment/reply/subtweet me here! Aha!