lost & found, part 2

Published on 21 Oct 2018

More stuff coming!

Percollate, a CMD tool to grab web pages as PDFs.

WeasyPrint, an open-source solution for rendering HTML/CSS that can export to PDF. It can be used as a standalone program or as a library. I think with a little creativity, I could use this (with custom CSS) to grab article title and body and output into PDF instead of my current solution relying on Firefox’s readability function and system’s print-to-PDF.

TeXmaker, a cross-platform LaTeX editor since 2003. The WYSIWYG alternative is LyX.

Grsync, the GUI front-end for the venerable rsync.

pirate/bookmark-archive, a simple personal Wayback Machine.

Remy Sharp’s CLI: improved is a very good piece on using spiced-up command line tools.

GoPhish, an open-source phishing framework tool. It is very unlikely I am going to need this, but it looks very useful if I were to use this.

NASC to do math like a normal person.

Data Science at the Command Line, an online book for learning data science with command line tools.

Radix for R Markdown, something to keep in mind for the future.

Mole SSH tunnel, a simple SSH application to create SSH tunnel. It looks very neat and I wonder what’s the difference with plain ol’ tunneling method.

That’s all for now, more are coming in the future.